We have a developed a survey based ranking system for global universities ranking them on basis of various parameterized indicators an international STUDENT considers before joining a foreign university. We have collected extensive open data from various sources including surveys, govt websites, Career progression data submitted by various governments, and conducted our own surveys to quantify any educational institute on the basis of Academics, Research, Industry outlook, and ease for international students. In Continuation to our aim of easing international student mobility along with making sure that the students find the BEST-FIT options to study abroad we have developed AbroadShiksha University Ranking Methodology.

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Ranking indicators are the basis of the entire University ranking methodology at, we have collected and normalised data from various Sources to Parameterize University performance based various aspects.

AbroadShiksha uses a number of academic indicators by which we measure institutions, depending on the specific ranking in question. These include:

  • Academic Reputation – A score based on the reputation of an institution.
  • H Index – An index that attempts to measure both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar.
  • Staff with PhDs – The indicator is based on a simple proportion of each institution that hold a PhD or equivalent terminal degree.
  • Student/ industry satisfaction with the academic quality at the university.

Employability is one of the primary reasons for pursuing higher education, employment based indicators feature prominently in the Abroad Shiksha rankings:

  • Employer Reputation – A score based on the reputation of an institution from employers/ industry perspective.
  • Employers’ Presence on Campus – The number of employers who are actively present on a given university’s campus.
  • Graduate Employment Rate – The percentage of a university’s graduates that are employed/ studying up to 4 months after graduation.
  • Career Outcomes – An evaluation of how successful alumnis of the given institutions have been.

Internationalization, having a better diverse student body is a key part of modern higher education life, the Abroad Shiksha rankings look at the ease of assimilation for an international student along with Industry outlook towards employing international students are the most important factors considered while analyzing how outward-looking an institution is:

  • International Faculty Index – The proportion of faculty members that are international.
  • International Student Index – The proportion of students that are international.
  • Employment rate for international students.
  • Career outcomes for international students.

Research is one of the most important factors to gauge ability to bring about change in the society by the University / academics at the university. A higher research score means that the university focuses on research as well various factors considered for determining the research score are:

  • Industry relevant researches currently going on the campus / research facilities of the university.
  • Faculty/ Citation Ratio – The number of citation per faculty.
  • Student contribution to research.

We have conducted surveys of various students, employers , HR domain with roughly 60 - 40 split favouring international students, Further employer surveys conducted by us and variety of other institutions the results are drawn from and utilised to come out with Indicator scores. Further these Indicator scores are weighted averages looking at the most common Student preferences.

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